Tightrope Highway

by Motocade

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Motocade's debut Album Tightrope highway


released April 20, 2009



all rights reserved


Motocade Auckland

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Track Name: Golden Light
You were in the wrong place at the wrong time
There was a terrible crush
If I came just a minute before or after
I would seen it happen and not let it

Was it just a mistake for him to be there
Was he a demon or a ghost
Should he try to explain this all to her parents
Can you imagine what they'd say
Track Name: Flying Saucer
Under our flying saucer
Countries of people going to hell
So you throw it on the fire
Follow your desire to throw it on the fire

Far below the ozone
Ancient languages are going to the dogs
So you throw in the big blue

Here she comes
A tropical breeze
And here I go
With my heart on my sleeve
Throw it on the fire
Follow your desire to throw it on the fire

Do you know right from wrong
Do you know where you belong
Do you know if its safe to go on
Do you mind if I sing you this song

Under my filing cabinet
Cities of angels are down on their knees
So you throw it on the fire
Follow your desire to throw it on the fire
Far below your moral code
We can only hope to evolve
So you throw it on the fire
Follow your desire to throw it on the fire
Track Name: Kissed in Time
When have you ever been kissed in time to the beat
Is it alright
And just how long can she be so unaware of things
Is it alright

Don't come out of your room tonight
Don't come out of your shell
Listen to them ringing on your bell
Don't go see anyone
And don't ever look down
Please don't let them take her from me now
Track Name: She got Deaf
I go deaf I go cold
Close my fist bite the snow
She go fast she got old
Keep the beat do as I'm told
She got it

I'm dying to hear you clap your hands and shoulder arms

She go deaf she go cold
Close her fist bite the snow
Have a smoke
Go for a walk
Ill be back for the rest of the weather
Track Name: My Friends
Lets pretend to be part of a scene
They can show you what fucked really is
We're intense we put on a show
Behind your back they're calling you names

My friends think I'm stupid for liking you
But i like you
I like you

I'm running off but theres no sunset
You won't go blind if you watch my back
I'm running off but theres no sunset
Your going blind
Look at me go
Track Name: Comeback Kid
Dance dance baby dance
Dance dance baby dance for me
'Cos we belong
Lets go holiday I'm gonna take you far away
'Cos we belong together

Floating on the river
Try to stick together
So-long to lonesomeness

Destroy your liver
You don't know better
So-long to healthiness

You are the comeback kid
Lonesome swagger on a killer tip
'Cos we belong apart
Tell it to the man
Tell it walking while you can
'Cos we belong apart
Track Name: Octopus
I had to be so different
I had to change my name
The man in all those photos
Will never be the same

I had to be persistent
I had to get on that plane
The girl in all those photos
Is gonna show the way

Every single rock in my little heart
Has been turned into a diamond

I had to be so injured
To scatter the remains
The light I'm walking into
Is never gonna fade
Track Name: Jekyll & Hyde
Romeo O Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo
I hear the powers that be are burning up and down the ivories
To rack and ruin rack and ruin

Akimbo, akimbo, your arms akimbo
Beaten to within an inch of your life
I can hear them in the kitchen
Trying to make a good decision
That will ultimately challenge the gods

High, wide, and handsome

Cool Britannia your bonafide
Are you Jekyll or Hyde
California, you decide
Are you dead or alive

Kimble, Kimble, do you feel like Richard Kimble
The innocent are always on the lam
I can hear the baying, the wolves are saying
This is only one small step for man